We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the nuances of both solar technology and the regional rebates that make it affordable. Our business is built on our reputation for being able to make it clear whether or not solar is a fit for you.

Zero Upfront Cost

Using GOSO TECH's reputation of quality and our relationships with green energy financiers, you can almost always switch to solar with zero out of pocket and a lower monthly payment. With GOSO TECH you will see BIG savings.

Best Time For Solar

With the current federal and state tax credits that are available, there has not been a better time go solar. Find out now if you qualify for the 26% federal tax credit and what state tax credits and rebates can help to go solar before they go away!

Industry Leading Warranty

All of our products are warrantied to reduce your risk! Reach out to find out what we can do to ensure the longevity of your system. We carry only the best products with industry leading warranties on production and worksmanship.

Learn More about the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Top Rated Solar Company

We only use top rated products and installers no matter your interconnection requirements or solar conditions.  That is why all of our products carry industry leading warranties and why we have maintained a 5 star rating on Google.

High-Quality Materials, Affordable Prices

What makes GOSO Technologies the premier solar energy installer? We are committed to the principles of quality and integrity.

When you go solar it is vital your investment is into equipment that will stand the test of time and that you are able to receive all applicable rebates.

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our products, and we also love to show clients how affordable solar power truly can be. When it comes to investing in your home, there’s not a more logical investment. We will find a financing option that works for you — time is limited and incentives drop every year.

We Love the environment

We are all excited to see that now is the time for one of the biggest transitions in history. As a country we have come together to move away from fossil fuels by making solar an affordable solution.  Every one of us at GOSO TECH is proud to be a part of that transition.

you come first

We strongly believe that as a company the first priority should be the client.  When accurate data is provided with transparent pricing and realistic expectations, you get happy clients. When you get happy clients, you grow.

Speak with an Expert now

Call or email GOSO Tech today — our team is ready. We are ready at almost any time to serve you can get provide a custom design and quote within an hour.  We are available to meet virtually with anybody across the country on YOUR time. Let us know when to reach out.


Customized Solar Design

Looking into solar? We will provide you no obligation evaluation and customized solar design. This will provide the information you need to determine if solar is a good fit. Let us know more about you by filling out the form and one of our experts will contact you with more information.